Artists Submission

Submission Guidelines for Artists

Kirtu is now accepting comic submissions from artists. We’re excited to work with new artists. To make sure that the there is no miscommunication, please go through our guidelines before submitting.

Here are some details and commonly-asked questions; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here.

1. How many pages will Kirtu commission?
We’ll be commissioning works of around 15 pages through a couple of pages above or below this limit is acceptable if it enhances the story.

2. Will Kirtu commission multi-issue stories?
If you’re submitting work for the first time, please only send us either a one-shot or two-issue story.

3. Are there any requirements for the comics?
The comics must contain nudity, hardcore sex and at least one central character of Indian ethnicity who will be involved in sex.

4. Are there any themes which are not allowed in comics?
Yes, themes like incest, bestiality, rape, and gore are strictly forbidden. Additionally, all the characters used in the story must be of legal age (18+).

5. How much will I get paid?
This strictly depends upon the quality of the submission. We advise the artists to send us a sample of their work first so that a pay acceptable to both parties can be agreed upon.

To get started please fill in the below form and we looking forward to hearing from you!