Episode 1

  • Daayan Episode 1
  • Released: Feb 6, 2013
  • Script By: TJ Hunter
  • Art By: Nestor
  • Colors: Ino
  • Series: Daayan
  • Rating:

College student Brooke Tynes starts her morning just like any other, but her life is about to take a sharp, dramatic turn. A brief round of morning masturbation is rudely interrupted by her roommate, Margo Cundiff, who recounts her recent sexual exploits to the frustration of Brooke. Once Margo has passed out, Brooke spends the day being sexually frustrated and desperate to get off.

Everything culminates when Brooke heads to an empty office and goes to work- determined to cum if it’s the last thing she does. Enter Sabrina and NYX- two horny college students looking for a quick thrill in what they think is an empty office. Brooke hides from them, but things quickly go south between Sabrina and NYX, forcing her to step in and take action. But Brooke’s got problems of her own… of a demonic nature!