Shyla In The Part Time Job

  • Fan Series Episode 4
  • Released: July 19, 2012
  • Script By: Jackey
  • Art By: Waky
  • Colors: Waky
  • Series: Fan Series
  • Rating:

Our hot heroine Shyla has run out of spending money! What is she to do now?

When her friend Natasha offers her a part-time job, Shyla cannot refuse the offer. But when she reaches Natasha’s apartment she is taken aback by the lights and cameras there. What is this part-time job that Natasha is offering her? And will Shyla do it? Check out Shyla 2 – The Part Time Job to find out!

*Note: This is a fan-submitted artwork and not part of the regular update schedule. It will be of much lower quality than the SB series. It is just something extra for Savita Bhabhi members.