• Fan Series Episode 1
  • Released: Feb 14, 2012
  • Script By: Jackey
  • Art By: Waky
  • Colors: Waky
  • Series: Fan Series
  • Rating:

Shyla is a 19-year-old college girl who loves to live life and explore new things; be it a new cooking recipe or the cute boy who’s just moved in next door.

When she catches her neighbor playing with himself while watching her naked, Shyla decides to let him have a little more than a look. On the pretext of asking him to help her cook a chocolate cake, Shyla gets him to her apartment and there the fun begins!

Stay tuned for this new FREE series brought to you by Kirtu – SHYLA! We will be bringing you new adventures of this hot college babe every month, so keep watching…

*Note: This is a fan-submitted artwork and not part of the regular update schedule. It will be of much lower quality than the SB series. It is just something extra for Savita Bhabhi members.