• Fan Series Episode 6
  • Released: Dec 10, 2011
  • Script By: Dhrub
  • Art By: Waky
  • Colors: Waky
  • Series: Fan Series
  • Rating:

Aditi loves her younger sister and is willing to do anything for her. But when she is unable to come up with a huge donation for her sisters’ college admission, she might have to take things a little too far. With no other choice, will she agree to the principal’s suggestion of starring in a private and personal sex tape?

Aditi is ready to do that for her sister, but if the details of this sex tape get out, what will be the effect on her sister Sushmita? To find out, read the FREE episode of Kirtu, VCD!

*Note: This is a fan-submitted artwork and not part of the regular update schedule. It will be of much lower quality than the SB series. It is just something extra for Savita Bhabhi members.