Krystopia: Episode 1

  • Gentlemen Comics Episode 01
  • Released: Jan 25, 2013
  • Script By: Rodger Smith
  • Art By: Laura Kloge
  • Colors: Moises Belity
  • Series: Gentlemen Comics
  • Rating:

A small, isolated island filled with female perfection is the setting for Krystopia. On this mysterious island, Temptress and Vicky – two servants and followers of the reclusive Ms. Sears, start their day of chores thinking that it’s going to be just another typical afternoon.

But when Vicky is called for an audience with Ms. Sears, a series of life-altering events are quickly set into motion. Murder, a group of male friends arriving at the island, revelations, and more set the stage for an epic, sensual tale. Everything begins here.

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