Sexual Tension: Episode 1

  • Gentlemen Comics Episode 01
  • Released: May 24, 2013
  • Script By: TJ Hunter
  • Art By: Matiny
  • Colors: Jesscia
  • Series: Gentlemen Comics
  • Rating:

Sexual Tension follows the “sexploits” of a twisted, hyper-sexual trio of supernatural sisters out on the prowl for their meal. You see, Sex is how the Ellison sisters feed. In this first episode, the sisters are hunting down a professional athlete to devour when the tables quickly turn.

Before they can continue on their way, they’re ambushed by demon hunters! The confrontation between the two forces has unexpected consequences for both sides, with a third party caught in the middle! Sexual Tension is a dark, sexy tale filled with erotic exploits and surprise twists and turns on every page.

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