Showing his Seed in her Garden of Eden

  • Rooftops Episode 2
  • Released: June 10, 2010
  • Script By: Darkmark
  • Art By: NCO
  • Series: Rooftops
  • Rating:

While satisfying her long-dormant sexual urges on the balcony garden, Sheila put on quite a performance for her young neighbour, Sham. So when the young man knocks on her front door in an attempt to see more of her, Sheila realizes that she and the teenager are both desperate for a lover. The only problem? Sham’s a virgin!

But what better teacher than super-MILF Sheila? Sham may be a little green when it comes to sex, but Sheila is such a skillful gardener that she can make anything grow!

Can Sham blossom into a cocksman capable of filling Sheila’s needs? And how will Sheila weed the innocence from the eager youngster and help him sprout to manhood? Join us, Kirtu members, on the “Rooftops 2” for a stroll through “Showing his Seed in her Garden of Eden”