Double or Nothing

  • Saath Kahaniya Episode 11
  • Released: Dec 11, 2012
  • Script By: Darkmark
  • Art By: X
  • Series: Saath Kahaniya
  • Rating:

Now it’s Rohit’s turn and he’s given the difficult task of seducing a pair of oversexed twin sisters?!? The SK girls can’t believe it, seems like the guys are getting all the easy “games.”

There is a catch, however. Both twins are married, and not to a couple of accountants. One’s husband is the owner of the hotel where the group is staying and he once stabbed a man for just looking at his wife the wrong way! The other husband is only a gun-toting underworld character who eats guys like Rohit for breakfast! But the biggest challenge? These sisters are competitive, hell-bent on ruining the other’s chances for a fling with handsome young Rohit.

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