Savita for President

  • Savita @ 18 Episode 5
  • Released: Nov 28, 2012
  • Script By: Rahul
  • Art By: Nico
  • Colors: Moises Belilty
  • Series: Savita @ 18
  • Rating:

Savita back in the college days and a first year student. Savita loves to swim and the swimming club captain notice her gorgeous body and big boobs. He said if she kept on practicing she might make it to the swimming club.

While in the girl’s locker room a girl confronted our beloved Savita. She is Riya Chopra a third year student and the student council president. Student’s presidential election is coming and this gives Savita an idea to run for student president. But she must be nominated by a club captain before he can run for presidency.

So who is the club captain that will nominate Savita? Vote now for Savita and find out on Savita @ 18: Episode 5 – Savita for President!