Sexy Sandwich

  • Savita @ 18 Episode 7
  • Released: Mar 28, 2013
  • Script By: Rahul
  • Art By: Nico
  • Colors: Moises Belity
  • Series: Savita @ 18
  • Rating:

The sexy 18 year old Savita is at it again! This time her horny nature lands her up with two bhaiyas!!!

In this exciting penultimate episode of the series, Savita is spied on having sex with Ankit. The person watching them is none other than Ankit’s elder bhaiya Akash! Now does it end up being Akash who wants to fuck Savita, or the other way around? And how will Savita keep both of them happy? Find out in this sexy episode of Savita @ 18 : Sexy Sandwich.