Bedroom Intruder!

  • Savita Bhabhi Episode 49
  • Released: Jan 8, 2015
  • Script By: T.J Hunter
  • Art By: Kokoy
  • Colors: Chi
  • Series: Savita Bhabhi
  • Rating:

Savita and Ashok on the bedroom watching TV when they switch to movice channel having sex which turn them on. They have a nice sex when suddenly Ashok would rush their intimate moment becuase of work. This pissed off Savita because she didn’t cum. So she went solo and started fingering her pussy.

Outside Savita’s house, we see a man in a black balaklava (ski mask) with a black jacket, black shirt, and black pants crouched down to carefully open the door knob. He heard a sound and saw Savita naked pleasuring herself. What happen next would surprise you.