Friends Share Everything

  • Savita Bhabhi Episode 83
  • Released: 14 November 2017
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Kokoy
  • Colors: Skywalker
  • Series: Savita Bhabhi
  • Rating:

Savita’s old friend and protege, Shobha, takes her out for shopping. As a gesture of gratitude after Savita had convinced Shobha’s father to pull out of the arranged marriage. But when Shobha meets Savita’s best friend Annie, jealousy ignites insecurity. Feeling neglected and replaced, Shobha leaves in tears.

Will Savita be able to make it up to Shobha? Or will her plan to make both besties feel intimately included, with nothing between them fail? Find out the answers to this question in episode 83 of the Savita Bhabhi series.