Savita: Now Hiring

  • Savita Bhabhi Episode 91
  • Released: 29th June 2018
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Kokoy
  • Colors: Skywalker
  • Series: Savita Bhabhi
  • Rating:

Savita and Alex’s new restaurant nears its Grand Opening. Savita conducts interviews to hire the eatery’s employees in episode 91. That same day, however, a License Commissioner arrives with some bad news: Alex forgot to apply for a restaurant license, endangering the pair’s ability to open for business. Unless…Savita agrees to grease the palm of the commissioner gets the license filed in time! With all of their other start-up expenditures, Alex and Savita are unfortunately too low on money to afford the bribe, so our Bhabhi is forced to cash in the currency of her sexy ass with the crooked commissioner, taking one for the team and saving the day for the restaurant and its very impressed new staff.