Part 1

  • Uncle Shom Episode 1
  • Released: Sept 7, 2012
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Ilsh Valinur
  • Series: Uncle Shom
  • Rating:

How far would she go to console her best friends father???

When Sunita visits her childhood friend Deepa and sees Uncle Shom completely depressed after his wife’s death, she determines to do her best to help Deepa and Uncle Shom, a person she considers her own father, through these difficult times.

But when she accidentally walks in on him masturbating, and later gives him a hardon when bathing him, she has to make a big decision. Shall she allow Uncle Shom some simple pleasures and keep him happy, or is this something too wrong to continue.

What does Sunita finally do, and will she be able to do it without her best friend Deepa getting an inkling of what is going on? Read Uncle Shom to know all…